17 February 2013

FO: Hadley Hat

So, a week or so ago, when I posted the appetisers, I had the fullest of intentions to post about this FO as soon as I could. As it turns out, that is no sooner than today. Sorry for the wait! Here it is though: my Hadley hat! My first real finished (and worn) knitted hat! I learned a ton making this puppy, too. Things like jogless colour switching, and knitting on circular needles and finishing on DPNs. Ribbing, that too. And how easy it is to forget your stitch marker when you cast on so you have to start over again.

It was supposed to be a rather slouchy hat, and it's fine when it comes to circumference, but it could be a bit more slouchy to my liking. Right now, it's fine when I pull it down over my forehead and don't tuck in my hair in the back, but if I do it has a tendency to slip off the back of my head! I guess my head really is bigger than your average head. I need to learn how to make the proper measurements to ensure it's big enough to stay put!

It's unbelievably comfortable and soft, and keeps my head nice and toasty warm.Definitely better than my crocheted hat, that's for sure!

Bit of a shame, then, that it's probably going back into the closet for the next 10 months until the weather gets colder again! I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it then, though. Unless I make a new, better hat. Who knows, now that I know how to knit on circular needles, I might turn into a hat knitting machine!


  1. It looks fantastic! What a great first hat!

  2. really like it! I still need a ahat for myself! (quite like your glasses too!)