10 March 2013

FO: quick little purse

Instant gratification. That's what I missed when I was knitting. Instant gratification. To be able to start and finish a project in less than 2 hours, not having to worry about cast-on methods too much, or if your stitches will slip off the needles, or whether you're even doing it right... Just sit down, stick your hook in a loop, and start crocheting. Ah....

I made this little purse out of necessity: I needed something to keep my heart rate monitor stuff in, because it was constantly floating around in my backpack and I kept losing the little monitor and my watch in the abyssal depth that is my backpack. So I grabbed some green and grey cotton yarn I had lying around, chained 20 stitches, following this pattern very loosely, and switched up single and half-double crochet to keep things interesting.

I added a small flap and a button I found lying around my desk (I'm guessing it came off my old winter coat, but I'm not even sure! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a glimpse into the black hole that is my desk.) to ensure that it wouldn't be too bulky but would still close.

And that's it! Took me 2 hours, tops, spread out over 2 lunch breaks. Now I can carry my heart rate monitor and all its accessories and my little lock for the lockers in one handy little bag! (all I need to remember now is to take it all out of the bag and put the empty bag in my backpack before I stick that in my locker. I always end up with all my kit on and my gear all set to go and then have to go back into my locker to put this bag away...)


  1. Cute! I like the colour combination.

  2. Hello! :) It's me, from Fito. I saw this on your profile and thought I'd check out your blog... It's AMAZING!

    Have a good day!