25 April 2013

Blog week Day 4: Colour Review

"What are your favourite colours for knitted or crocheted projects. Have a think about what colours you seem to favour when yarn shopping and crafting."

That's easy. Blue and Grey. And black, but let's focus on the blue and grey here.

I tend to lean towards cold colours a lot for some reason:

My last pair of glasses were framed in ocean-blue, most of my wardrobe is blue and grey, and the first thing I do when I'm shopping for clothing is search for blues and greys and greens. It's one of my mother's major annoyances because she keeps trying to get me to wear horrible colours... like purple and orange. Not my thing. At. All.

(favourite shoes, however? Bright yellow. Go figure.)

It's hard to look through my latest projects to see what colours I use most because I hop from project to project depending on what I grab from my stash and not because I shop for it. That, and most of my latest mini-projects that I've actually finished were plushies. My granny square stack is very much in theme, though:

With a lot of greens mixed in, too.

But when I look at the handmades that I've used most over the past year that were either made from stash yarn or that I purchased yarn for (like the knit hat), they're all in this same colour style:

My mitts and my crocheted hat... (god I miss that fluffy red hair!)

And my knitted hat and crocheted shawl!

It's no surprise that that shawl and hat are still getting a lot of use. It may be a surprise, though, that none of these pictures actually do justice to the colours because, thanks to today's topic, I found out that these types of blue are almost as difficult to photograph as bright reds! But that's just a minor setback that only a blogger would be bothered by.

Naturally, these colours couldn't be farther from my house's 'colours', but they do have in common that most projects were made from yarn I had on hand. The Bee strikes again!


  1. I love your colour choices and find myself hanging out with grey, greige, blues greens and greys at the moment as well A big yes for the yellow shoes!

  2. I adore that teal blue - ADORE. I have lots of that. I don't tend to go for greens too much - not sure why .. might have to rectify that, yours are pretty. And, I'm loving the combination of these colours with grey - very chic. Must do.

  3. The blue looks great on you! and you definitely have a preferred color palette!

  4. Never really thought about those colors together, but they look great.

  5. Staying true to your loves. Beautiful shawl.

  6. I love blue and gray. Your hat and mitts are wonderful and I love the shawl. All look fantastic on you:)

  7. Ooo, pretty! I tallied up my projects over the past few years for this prompt and had a LOT of blue, gray, and green in there too. I really like the way the grays and blues you chose go together in those projects!

  8. Blue and gray is an excellent combination. I am starting to like gray a lot.

  9. Blue, grey and green all work great together. I love the projects you chose to showcase these color combinations.