10 April 2013

Drive-by-post: Hard at work

I'm still here! We're slowly but surely creeping up on W-day, otherwise known as 'the day that Stef will be wearing a dress and heels all day, good thing there's going to be a dude there with a camera', otherwise known as our wedding day! Even though we're sticking to our small, no-fuss little wedding, there's still a lot to take into account and it's taking up a lot of our time. Who knew that would happen?! (no seriously, you could have told us, sheesh)

In my spare time and during breaks at work, I'm busy as a bee planning all my posts for Blog Week. How are your preparations coming along? Are you scheduling posts? Or are you going to post each day and let the inspiration of the day guide you? I did that last year. It's great fun, although it can be somewhat exhausting. 

I haven't done a single crafty thing all month so far, apart from a bit of dabbling for my Blog Week-posts, nor have I spent time in the kitchen apart from making our daily meals. I did finally haul myself back to the gym for an actual session and I'm exceptionally sore now, so whooo for that, and I'm doing the Fitocracy Spark challenge (though I've slacked off a bit, my original idea was to do it every day). I need to train, though, have to wear heels all day, my calves will thank me for it.

Hopefully I'll be able to do some actual blog-worthy stuff in the next week or so. Something food-related, possibly. I want to bake delicious things so bad, if only I had the time for it!

Well, if I don't catch you here for another post beforehand, I'll see you during the Blog Week!

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