23 March 2010

Hmmm... I just love the smell of baked goods...

In this case: cookies! I got heaps of baking supplies for my birthday, amongst which was a package of flour. Now, the problem I have, is that I have a small kitchen. Or well, the kitchen itself is allright. It's the amount of storing space we were able to cram in it that's on the scarce side. So.. 1 + 1 + quick run to the supermarket for butter, and tadaaah! I made cookies!

Or well.. a sheet of cookie-like substance that I was able to break up into neat little rounded squares on those folding lines you can sort of see here... I couldn't just follow the recipe on the back of the package. I had to add stuff. In this case, I swapped part of the sugar out for honey and added a bit of extra flour just in case it became too runny. It didn't, and the honey flavour really stands out and is awesome, but it made the dough a bit too flexible and it spread out a bit too much. Not that I really, really mind, you know. I mean, giant cookies! Wooo! *runs off to make a giant pot of tea*

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