11 March 2010

My first cakepops!

They. Are. Adorable. And so sweet!

My cakepops, I mean!

My birthday is coming up, and since we have a tradition at work that birthdays should be celebrated with homemade cake or treats only, I made Bakerella's Cake Pops! They're adorable, even though they're terribly wonky and unevenly coated in the candy melt coating. They're extremely sweet, too, however, so I hope my colleagues don't have sensitive teeth...

I also made less sweet and less pop-like versions of these little babies, which Bakerella calls Cake Balls (how unexpected!):

I might just bring these along too. Just in case.


  1. Dear god.. Do they have a job opening for me? *pout*

  2. Haha, only if you can cook or bake :P