21 October 2010

Grannies for my Granny

I'm pleased as punch to say that I am done with my granny square pillowcase and that is AWESOME in so many ways! I'm willing to bet that my granny approves, but I'll have to wait and see until Saturday, when she gets it for her birthday. In the meantime though, have some pictures!

Grannies! 25 in total, none the same, surrounded by a gray-green-blue border.

And the back! I sacrificed an old green sweater for this pillow, because it seemed like the easiest way to make the back! Both the granny square pattern and the idea to back it with an old sweater come from Attic24. The buttonband was improvised because, well, Lucy of Attic24 crocheted through the sweater and that wouldn't work, so I simply did a blanket stitch and crocheted into the holes. The buttons are felt buttons I got from a cheapass store once, I used a number of them to revamp a guys' sweater (replaced the stupid black buttons with brightly coloured felt buttons, voilá, girly sweater), these were the once I had left after that.

I think it turned out awesome and I'm thinking of making one for myself as well, since there's still a truckload of yarn left from making the Lucybag for my mother, as well as the large part of that old sweater.

And something completely different, although I also gave this one away: A tiny owl for my niece's tiny little girl (who is a complete darling, and so tiny!) I kind of improvised, and it's basically an eggshape in two colours with a beak, two wings and two eyes.

I made this one in 2 hours time, got up at 7 am for it, but I think it turned out adorable and fit for tiny baby hands.

There. Now that that's all done, I'm going back to listening to sixties' soul and relaxing.


  1. You are amazing! Love love love the pillowcase! The colors are perfect!

  2. Thank you thank you! I'm totally in love with it! It's currently lying on my couch and I just have got to make one for myself, it looks awesome on it!

  3. Loooooove that granny pillow, and I'm sure your granny will, too! :-) You're very clever to put that sweater on back like Lucy did - I am not brave enough to tackle any sort of sewing beyond adding a button to something. It looks fabulous.

    I don't know if your granny crochets, but neither of mine do, and absolutely love that I've picked it up.

  4. I love your cushion! All the colours look great together

  5. Gramps used to own a chain of yarn shops and taught crocheting and knitting :) She was absolutely thrilled that I had taught myself to crochet and this is also a big thank you to her for giving me all the yarn she had lying around the house.

    And the sewing together was really not that difficult, Lucy's tutorial is very clear and simple!

  6. The pillow is fabulous..

    The owlie...tooooo cute!

  7. Awesome pillows! I love the buttons.

    The owl is just adorable.