2 October 2010

Itty Bitty Camera: now with added pattern!

I decided that I'd try my hand at making a pattern for the crochet camera, hereby christened Itty Bitty Camera! If you would like to try it out, please report back on if it was doable or if you had any trouble understanding the directions. Or if you have nothing but praise, then you may report back too.

And show me pictures of your finished camera! I love pictures!

Without further ado: 

The Itty Bitty Camera Pattern!

Yarn: Black and Grey, dk weight
Hook: 4.0 mm.
Of course, you can also substitute yarn and hook size for any size you want.
You will also need some filling, a tapistry needle and, if you want to turn this baby into a keychain, a little ring or keychain hook.

Make the following pieces twice with black yarn:
1. Ch. 5, sc for 7 rows. (the sides)
2. Ch. 13, sc for 7 rows. (the front and back)
3. Ch. 5, sc for 13 rows. (the top and bottom)

Make the following pieces once with the grey yarn:
Ch. 3, sl.
Row 1: Sc. 6 times into the ring, sl. Into first stitch.
Row 2: *sc x2* 6 times (12 st)
Row 3: *sc, sc x2* 12 times (18 st)
Fasten off. Leave a long tail, you can use this to sew the lens to the camera body.
Sc 3, turn.
Row 1: Sc in middle stitch, sc, ch1, turn.
Row 2: Sc in middle stitch, sc.
Fasten off. Leave a tail long enough to sew the flash to the camera body.
Ch. 3, sl.
Row 1: Sc. 6 times into the ring, sl into first stitch.
Row 2:Change to black. Sc. Around.
Leave a tail long enough to sew the button to the camera body.
With black yarn, take two pieces of the body that fit together at the sides (for instance, one of the sides and the top or bottom, with their smallest sides aligned) and sc the parts together.
Keep sewing the parts together in this manner until you have a nice, boxy shape, leaving a long tail at the gap between the last parts that need to be sewn together.
Fill the body snugly but not so full that it starts to bulge (the camera needs to be boxy) and sew the gap closed.
Sew on the lens, flash and button, and attach the keychain if you want one.

(Look at me! I'm a designer and stuff! oooOOOoo!!)

(Oh, and apologies for the odd font. Apparently copy-pasting doesn't work too well with blogger...)


  1. I might make one of these. Add a zip on the top and it would make a smashing little purse for loose change.