11 October 2010


I'm on a crochet-stop. Full stop. Cold turkey, even. With a wrist that says 'TWITCH' 'PAIN' 'TWITCH' at every move I make, I thought it would be best not to pick up my trusty hook and hook away like I like to do. In stead, I've focused on photography the past few weeks, and put some shots together for your entertainment. And yes, I am indeed showing off. There's some shots here I really, really, REALLY like!

Sunset and Sunrise

Don't you just love Autumn evenings?

Or crisp, cold, beautiful Fall mornings? I think this was shot at 7 am when I was camping out behind my computer after a night of not sleeping and a lot of sneezing (I don't know why, or how, but I do know that I didn't want to wake the boyfriend up, so I got up and dressed and crawled behind my pc when it was dark, and found this when I looked up a couple of hours later)

Forest Walks

Boyfriend's grandmother had her birthday a month or two ago, and we gave her a family day out as a present. It involved a rather awkward ride through the forest in a horse-drawn cart and us getting out in the middle of the forest, but it was a beatiful day and I took tooooons of pictures. The prettiest ones:

(don't you lovelovelove that red colour?!)

(this one currently resides on my desktop as my background image)

(I kept thinking that faeries might just pop up out of the nooks and crannies or from behind the wood stump)

What, you thought I hadn't done anything in the past few weeks? I may have given up crochet for the time being, but that doesn't mean that I didn't make something! I made 25 somethings, even! All I need is my wrist back to normal, and then 11 more of these tiny little babies, and I will be able to make it into a pillow cover.

Colour, colour everywhere! OOOO!

Question to you, my dearest readers/lookers/lurkers/passers-by! I tagged my pictures with a little 'Tecrin Tries' in a corner, purely for copyright reasons. Does it bother you? Do you find the mark distracting? Or do you think it's common sense or are you not bothered by it at all? Do you think I shouldn't be so paranoid and don't bother with them in the future because, let's be honest here, who on earth would steal these pictures and use them as their own? Be honest! I can take a little criticism! Or do you have a better idea to ensure nobody uses these pictures as their own? I'd love to hear it!


  1. I think putting your name on the pictures is a wonderful idea..especially with these wonderful pictures. It is subtle and barely noticeable...

  2. Hello!!!
    Wow, that first photo made my jaw drop!
    Are those colours for REAL!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing! i am so jealous of your beautiful sunsets, it has been so long since I've seen one like that!
    I hope your twitchy arm gets better quickly, I hate being out of action....Love Alice X