17 April 2012

Blogs I'm enjoying: the food edition!

It's been a while, and since last time I made a Blogs I'm enjoying-post it only contained crafty blogs, it seems time to make a food-related one!
(screenshot taken from justataste)

Just a Taste looks gorgeous, and so does the food! I am very partial to blogs looking crisp and clean so that all the attention can go to the actual content, and this one hits the spot with the bright green font on white background. The photography makes me hungry, the recipes want to make me run to the kitchen immediately. Lovely blog!


Zoom Yummy

(screenshot taken from zoom yummy)

I read Zoom Yummy for the laughs. No really, I do. Love the blog, tasty recipes (I used her recipe for Tea cookies to make the chocolate concoctions in this post and I used her post on Mini apple pies as inspiration for my farewell treat on my last day at the bookshop), but most of all, I love the light-hearted, funny way Petra blogs, whether it is about food, photography or crochet (see, there's more reasons to like her!)!


Honey & Jam

(screenshot taken from honey&jam)

Oh, food photography.. It's such an art, isn't it? Good food photography makes you want to plant your face in the computer screen to see if you can smell the food in front of you. Good food photography is difficult, and to get a good shot of your food you need to go through a lot of effort. Trust me, I tried, and failed, many times. And I still suck! But Hannah from Honey&Jam knows how to work her camera and her plate to get those pictures looking delicious. Aren't they pretty?! It totally makes up for the fact that she doesn't blog too often.


I am Baker

(screenshot taken from I am baker)

Another one of those blogs where it all just comes together. Great blog design, great recipes, great photography, and a great blogger with a great sense of humour. Her recipes are mostly (if not all) of the sweet variety, and her cake and cookie decoration skills are absolutely enviable.

That's my list for this time! But I always love to see more blogs so if you are a food blogger, leave a comment! I love reading new blogs!

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  1. Great choices! I love A Wooden Nest and Bella Eats.