10 July 2012

I am such a bad planner... Or: why I always pack an umbrella.

Last Sunday, I decided I wanted to go for a walk. I got up at 9 for the birds and my skin was giving me so much grief I couldn't go back to bed, so I got dressed, grabbed breakfast, grabbed my bag, left a note on the study door for the BF (who was still sound asleep), left the house... And went right back inside because I had failed to take notice of the torrential downpour of rain that was currently flushing our streets. I don't generally mind a bit of rain, but that was a bit much...

I tried again, after an hour, but it was raining even harder than before, and out of frustration, I got back into bed but couldn't sleep anymore anyway. I checked weather reports and radar images, but it seemed like my plan to get a bit of fresh air (and seeing as it was cold, some much-needed relief for my skin...) would have to be postponed. At 3 pm, it finally seemed dry enough to go out. I packed an umbrella, just in case, though.

There's quite a bit of green around where I live, and you can find little paths like these everywhere. You'd never guess that at the end of that path runs one of the main roads through our little city, or that not 50 metres to the left and right of me were residential areas.

I had hoped (and checked the radar before and that backed me up on this) that it would remain dry for the time being, but within 5 minutes of my departure I got gradually more drenched by a thin veil of rain that was already falling for a while before I truly took notice. By that time, though, the drops were getting bigger and bigger and I was glad I had packed an umbrella.

I happened upon some birds taking a bath in their roadside private pool, and a bit further, upon a family of swans on the (rather narrow) path that scared the crap out of me but thankfully they quickly moved into the water and left the road to me. I think swans are terrifying.. But that might have to do with me being attacked by one when I was young.

I followed a road I had never walked on before and it took me out to the back of the hockey fields and along a little track with football fields on the one, and a little fenced-off pasture on the other, until I crossed a bridge and ended up on a freshly paved road. There was a little overgrown lock to the side of the bridge and I don't know why, but it looked so pretty!

Onwards I went, following the path, since there was only one way for me to go besides back. (and there were still swans there, so onwards I went!) At one point I was sure I was lost, but since there was only straight on for me to go... I walked. And suddenly, I remembered exactly where I was and recognised a road I travel on at least once a week.

As I was nearing the end of the path and closer to crossing the road into a residential area again, the sun even came out for a bit and I even spotted some wildlife. Do you see him? Hiding to the right behind the overgrown lock? Yup, a stork. Fishing for little froggies.

I was glad to have gone out for a bit after all. I was only gone for about an hour, but it was very refreshing (literally, thanks to the rain) and relaxing to just get some fresh air and to clear my head. Supposedly, there are more of these tracks around the sports fields, so I think I need to head out and find some more soon!

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  1. It looks all lovely and green - but I guess that's what rain does!