6 July 2012

Life: an update

Whew, it's July already?!

I am truly sorry, bloggy friends, for the lack of posts on this blog. I have been busy with all sorts of stuff and it kind of drained my blogging inspiration...

- I organised my secondary school reunion. It was great fun! So nice to see everyone again, and it was fun to see that some relationships sort of picked up right where they were left 7 years ago. It had a good 'like old times'-vibe to it. I loved hearing what everyone was up to, completely forgot to actually eat, and was dead tired by the time I got home (at 00:30, so it wasn't that late...) I ended up with a lot of food left over so I donated it to my parents as a thanks for borrowing their car, camping fridge, party tent, tarps, and my dad himself because he helped me get everything set up, and we had a leftovers-bbq the following weekend at my parents! My dad has been working on a new woodwork project: an outdoor kitchen. It is looking stellar, even though it's not entirely finished yet, and he bought himself a shiney new Weber barbecue to go with it! He's planning on tearing down the old shed in the back garden and replacing it with a sort of porch to house the outdoor kitchen. Can't wait, I foresee many barbecues there in our near future!

- I broke my phone during the reunion. I was opening a door for my sister (she was coming over to take the pictures so I didn't have to do it), and one second it was in my hand, the next it was on the floor, a hideous crack running from the lower right to the top left corner... I may or may not have sworn quite loudly. Okay, it was so loud it echoed between the apartment buildings across the street. I'm not even exaggerating. I'm getting it fixed, which is a hassle, and expensive too, and I miss it so! My precious... My... preci. Eh. Sorry.

- We're teaching the birds a new trick and it's working great! We are teaching them to listen to certain words, starting with 'step up!' when they need to hop onto our arm or hand. We do this by holding our arm a ways away from their perch, holding another bit of food in our other hand, and tell them to 'step up!'. They hop on, get a few bites of food, we take the food away and let them step off our arms onto the perch, and then repeat the process. It's entertaining.
We've also let them fly loose more often in the entire living room, but they mostly fly to the one brick wall in the house and start nibbling on the bricks. I think they're enjoying it more than before, though, since they seem much more relaxed.

- I have been working like a monster on my new dieting plan, and it's going okay. I got a heart rating monitor and I'm pretty excited to use this starting Monday, since I want to do more cardio training programmes, I've added more exercises to my schedule to ensure that I leave no muscle group out of my training, and the physical therapist is making me do calf raises (which hurt like a dog, by the way) to strengthen and stretch the muscles. I would love to keep better track of my calories, but I used to do this on my phone and, well, since I don't have it back yet... I'm telling you, I am lost without it!
The whole dieting plan is taking up a lot of time, though, so much, in fact, that I have done absolutely zero creative things. I keep looking over at the cubbies full of yarn in my living room, and keep wanting to start something, do something... But I don't know what and why. Depressing.

- Plus, it appears that summer has finally begun over here! In fact, I am sweating out of my jeans right now. Not exactly comfortable, I can tell you that. The temperature in my house is absolutely ridiculous when it gets slightly summer-y outside, so I'm living in a bloody sauna right now. It's also caused my eczema to flair up, making me hate the heat even more.

- I applied for a job! A parttime job as a junior programmer at the company the BF works. Imma be a certified nerd, y'all! It'll be for about 8 hours a week (at first), leaving me the rest of the week to run  my translation business. It'll be a programming job, not something I'm used to, and the learning curve will be steep, but it'll be a job that will require a lot of thinking and I quite look forward to it.

So that's pretty much it, I think. Now you're basically up to speed with why I haven't been blogging!

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