9 July 2012

Silly workouts

If you have spent any time on the fitness board of Pinterest, you will no doubt have come across some weird-looking, unusual-sounding pins about health and fitness. I know I have. So for your entertainment, I decided to slap some together in a post and discuss the topic 'silly workouts' with you!

- Lazy Girl Fitness. Now, let's start by saying that this is obviously awesome. Workout while you do laundry, brush your teeth, wait for the microwave to ding, are cooking, or reading a book. But let's be honest too: It looks sort of silly to do lunges with a toothbrush in your mouth. Plus, I'd be mortified to fall down and accidentally swallow the toothbrush. Or, ew, a mouthful of foam. (Gross. Really. Ew.)

- Water workouts. Yay, summer! Yay, swimming weather! Yay, working out while swimming... In a pool filled to the brim with squirming, annoying kids, where there's hardly any room to hang from the side of the pool without getting kicked in the face, jumped on, pushed under water or bumped into. Because, by a show of hands, who among us has his or her own private swimming pool that they can jump into and do these exercises in private without all the above fears, plus the fear of looking like a tool? Not me, that's for sure.

- Ballet workouts. What's with the sudden fascination with ballet?! I did not see all these pins a few weeks ago and now, *POOF*, ballet workouts all over the place. Why?! Now, don't get me wrong, I know how much work goes into practicing ballet and what it can do for your body. I have never been a dancer, but have known several over the years and had a long conversation while on a school trip to a theatre with one of the dancers there about her daily routines, and GODDAMN that sounded like a lot of work. But let's be honest here.We all know what will happen thanks to these workout routines, and that's people with no stretch in their legs, or no ballet history at all, pliĆ©-ing all day long. I'm sorry, but the image in my head... Combined with the image below.. Is making me think that this is one of those exercise routines that should be done indoors, with the curtains closed, in a dark room. 

(Ballet workouts, image by Raymond Hom. Pinned here.)

That's about enough from me, now it's your turn. So share! What wonderfully ridiculous workouts have you found through the miracles of Pinterest?


  1. Looking pretty is not the point! ;) Besides, I ALWAYS feel awkward about exercising. Which is probably why I never do it & am in such bad shape.. (it's getting better though)

  2. I exercise in the pool. You don't need to wait for summer. I go weekdays before work to an indoor heated pool. And because it's winter it's nice and quiet. I can't do many laps, so for the most part I do those exercises. No one can see what you're doing anyway!!

    1. Yeah, but we don't share a hemisphere ;) It's (sort of) summer over here, and summer holidays are upon us. But besides that, I am having some real trouble finding a pool near me to go and do laps or exercises in. I've been thinking about taking up swimming in the mornings, but there's a distinct lack of pools in my town since one of the bigger ones burned down a few years ago, and even though they built a new one on the same location, that one is for training use only and they've restricted public swimming access in the only other pool in town in favour of training time for the local swim teams. I used to go and do laps a couple of years ago with my dad and some friends of his (they called it the 'old farts swimming committee') but that was only at night and in a pool two towns over. So I'm afraid the swimming pool thing is not for me... (Ironic, isn't it, in a country that's below sea level for the most part, and known for being mostly made of water... I can't find a place nearby to go and swim!)