16 February 2012

FO: Cowlol

Last week, I spent two days at the office of a translation agency to learn to work with their software. This was still in the middle of that cold wave we had, and the walk from the train station to the office was a good 20 minutes. On the first day, it was a mere -6 degrees Celcius, an unpleasant temperature, but it was neutralised by a glorious morning sun and no wind whatsoever. I enjoyed the walk to the office, but the walk back was less fun. The wind had picked up, and it felt like it was nearer to -10 than the -5 that it actually was, with the wind constantly finding ways through and under my scarf.. That evening, I read the weather report for Tuesday: temperature was expected to drop to -13, with a biting wind that would cause it to feel like -20!

I needed a quick and easy solution to keep me warm in those arctic temperatures. I dug through my stash bag and came across...

This thing. The big black knitted monstrosity that was my first real knitted.. thing. I never figured out what to do with it, got bored with it, cast off, and stuffed it down to the bottom of that bag. It's acrylic yarn, but quite soft, and because I knit it on larger needles but with a double strand, the fabric is quite thick.

So I crocheted the shorter sides together, made a long braid out of two colours of yarn, looped it through one side (to hide some mistakes I made while knitting... Yeah, yeah, I know, but it was one of my first knitted things.) and..

(Please excuse the bed-hair. That's not bed-hair. That's 'I've been playing around with this thing and now my hair is clingy and weird'-hair.)

It's a cozy cowl! I call it, the Cowlol. Nothing to do with cows, trust me, before you break your brain trying to figure out the logic. It's snug and it's thick, so I can roll over the top or the bottom, or just...

pull it up and have it cover my ears and big nose! (that snuck out of the cowl when I was taking this picture because it made me giggle. I made myself giggle. I do that a lot, actually. Easily amused.)

But why is it called the Cowlol? Because of this.
I can pull on the string and turn it into a hat! A goofy, silly, ridiculous hat, but hey, a hat is a hat is a hat. And now you know why my hair is looking like bed-hair in these pictures. I think this may be the warmest hat we own, but I won't go out of the house looking this silly. On the other hand, I can't remember the last time we had crazy weather like we had the first two weeks of this month, so who knows? I might need a hat like this some day.

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