12 February 2012


Oh hai. I had such a busy week! I had all these things planned for the blog... And then work got in the way! Needless to say, I was thrilled. (Yes, really. Not being sarcastic, for once. I got a big translation job this week, and a small one as well, and got invited to spend a few days at a translation agency's office to learn the ins and outs of their translation software! Work is picking up and I am excited as hell!)

I'll fill you in on some crafty stuff I got done this week later. But first...

In case you missed it: we had a cold wave since the beginning of this month! Snow! Ice! Temperatures well below -10 degrees even during the days! Frozen toes and fingers galore! Train service that got buggered over because of even the remotest hint of cold weather!

Okay, so that last one wasn't as positive, but you get the idea, right? The whole country has been enthralled with the weather these past 2 weeks, ever since it got so cold that the ice was thick enough to skate on, the buzz about a possible Elfstedentocht got louder and even the slightest change in the weather was reported in the news.

I'm a cold weather kinda gal myself, even though ice skating isn't really my thing, but snow, ice and frosty weather makes me ridiculously happy. Embarrassingly happy, even, if you ask the BF. I turn into a five-year-old girl when there's snow on the ground. I look for fresh snow that hasn't been stepped in, just so I can be the first to step in it and hear the crunch. He has to hold my hand otherwise I'd jump in every snow pile I see to make snow angels.

So I wasn't really surprised when he declined my invitation to go out for a walk through the snow towards the lake, and simply set off on my own, my camera in hand.

The lake is an artificial one, almost perfectly round, and a walk around it takes you a good hour if you take it relatively slow. It used to be one of my most dreaded locations of this part of town, because it was near my secondary school, where they had a tendency to make us run a lap around the lake for phys ed at least once a year... And I never was much of a runner. Now that I live close-by, though, I like to walk over there every now and then and enjoy the view and the weather.

The paths around the lake are all straight as an arrow and very unimaginative, but they do lead you directly to the water's edge and around it. Despite the gorgeous weather, with a clear blue sky and barely any wind, it was still -6 degrees and surprisingly quiet for a Saturday afternoon.

Well.. quiet... See him? With a mouth full of leaves? He made such a racket that I could hear him from a mile away! I had to sneak through the bushes to investigate.

The branches on most trees and bushes were covered in snow and ice, sometimes so much that it seemed to almost be defying gravity. One tap with a finger, or one gush of wind, and all that snow would come tumbling down...

Which, I might add, happened regularly during my walk. And even though I love snow, I still don't like it to slip down the collar of my coat when I'm not expecting it.

I never even made it around the whole lake, funnily enough, though I did spend an hour and a half outside in the snow. There was so much loveliness to see outside! I love those trees.. And the snow on the ground.. And the colour of the sky...

I think this was the point where I decided that I loved my fingers more than my pictures and went home, my hands tucked away in my pockets because I was a dolt and forgot my gloves back home. It took a good 3 hours to warm back up again, but oh, it was worth it.

As we speak, it is snowing again, but the weather is expected to turn later today and tomorrow, they're expecting rain and +5 degrees... Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. And at least we've got the pictures!


  1. I'm a bit jealous of your snow, train chaos aside. Lovely photos!

  2. Nice pics! Although I've been staring at the 4th one for 2 mins and still haven't found what the hell you're talking about. Hints please! haha

    1. Haha, I'm talking about a bird! That brown spot in the middle!

  3. Gorgeous pics, it looks like we had a bit less snow here in Brussels, but man, the cold!! One of our pipelines froze, which turned my shower into a nasty mess :S But more importantly: yaaay, congrats on the translation jobs!!! :-) x

  4. Congrats on the jobs! It looks so pretty and wintry there! I kinda hope our snow sticks around just a little while. But only kinda. :)