20 February 2012

This & That: not my regular crafts

This week's This & That is all about different kinds of crafting!

On the one hand... You wouldn't expect it, probably, but the first picture has everything to do with a necklace! I'll show you the results in a future post. I was trying to flatten it a bit, so I piled a load of the heaviest books I could find in the living room on top of it. Which was quite a challenge, since most of the books we keep in the living room are the Discworld novels in paperback, the Harry Potter novels in paperback, the Game of Thrones-novels in paperback and some random fantasy novels. Most of which are also in paperback.

On the other hand... I've been working on a secret project! Another one! Shhh, this one is for my dad's birthday. I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog, so I can tell you. I'm building him a portfolio website! My dad likes to paint and build furniture in his spare time and he's gotten pretty good at both in the past few years, so he deserves a proper portfolio to show off with! I think he'll be really happy with it. It's been bugging him for a while that he never has pictures with him to show what he's been working on to friends, now he can just hop on the computer and show them his website! I know it doesn't look like much now, but hopefully, once it's up and running and has some good pictures, it'll be awesome.


  1. What a fantastic birthday present!

    1. Thanks! I'm kind of chuffed for coming up with the idea since he's one of those people I never know what to give for his birthday and always end up buying something last-minute or postponing or joining forces with my brother or sister to buy something nice... So I hope he likes it too!