17 January 2012

Early bird

Catches the gorgeous sunrise. It was cold the past two nights! Finally! After a seriously disappointing winter, we finally got a glimpse of what everybody has been missing. Even the people that dislike winters. (seriously, what the hell, people-that-dislike-winters. What is wrong with you? How can you dislike winters?!)

And, something I learned when I had a paper route, if the night has been really cold and clear, the sunrises are even more spectacular than usual. Because I'm getting up earlier now that I'm a freelancer, I catch a lot more gorgeous sunrises than I did before. Just yet another perk of the job.


  1. Hello! I just wanted to say that your blog is inspiring me to blog more :) I found it through the 'I blog' group on ravelry - I really love your pictures and your writing style, and the layout looks fab too. Keep it up and good luck with the freelancing! Faye x

    1. Oh, thank you! For the compliments and the good luck wishes! Your blog looks awesome too, and the 365 project looks good so far!

  2. Beautiful photo! Winter is the only time I'm ever up for the sunrise...

  3. But winters are cold and snow is icky. :P