24 January 2012

This & That: the 'what the hell...?' edition

What the hell is this?! Well, I've been on a water kick lately, but the taste of water (especially the tap water where I live) is kind of... meh. And yes, that is the most accurate description I could think of. The odd contraption in the picture? An empty juice bottle, one lemon cut up in bits, and 1 liter of water. I go through 2 of these a day, easily! Yay for healthy habits!

And what the hell is that?! Well, I've also been on a crochet kick! I'm working on a Secret Project for someone that I'm pretty sure doesn't read this anyway, but to err on the side of caution, I'll just call it the Secret Project. It's worked up in Shachenmeyer Nomotta Bravo, a wonderful acrylic yarn that I used to make the Great A'Tuin back in 2010. I had a whole ball left because apparently, I suck at calculating the amount needed to crochet 1 turtle. However, I might need to go out and get more! I'm running out and I still need to crochet 2 legs, a nose, a tail and some horns! (that's all the hints you're getting from me, by the way.) After that, it needs dressing up, which I've decided to do in felt.
Which brings me to the next dilemma. Details on felt: paint on, or embroider? Would paint hold well enough? Embroidering all the details on would take forever (trust me, there's a lot of details), but the result would be more sturdy. It's an issue I haven't decided on yet.

And as a bonus, here's why trying to set up a photo booth on the dining table next to the bird cage for a bit of close-up photography proves to be impossible in my house these days.

That's an empty roll of paper towels. And one unbelievably active bird trying to rip the whole thing to shreds while screaming with its mouth full of paper. It's unbelievably hilarious and distracting at the same time.

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