2 January 2012

This & That: A new year's resolution

I'm starting a new tradition on this blog, following the example of a blog which I very much enjoy reading: One Sheepish Girl. Her This & That posts are perfect for when you want to post something on your blog, but don't know how to work it into an entire blogpost!

This: This week I shall mainly be wrestling with being a fulltime freelancer, tackling issues such as 'how will I plan my time?' and 'can I spend money on stuff for my own company already?'.

That: I think, or rather, I like to believe, that it is slowly cooling down a bit to a temperature that's more common for January, and therefore I shall be enjoying the snuggly warmth of the shawlette, which is slowly stretching out a bit (mainly thanks to me tugging at the ends a lot) and now remains safely inside my coat instead of crawling out when I'm not looking.

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  1. I think it'll be fun to learn more about you and your life with this and that!