31 January 2012

FO: ready for winter! hat!

Last year, I took some leftover balls of grey and blue acrylic yarn that felt quite cozy, and started a hat. I finished it, but never wore it outside the house. I know the facepalm-gigglesnort-picture might tell you differently, but I just wasn't happy with it. The fit wasn't all that, it felt loose and only barely covered my ears if I pulled at it. There was no edging to speak of because I started at the top and increased until I thought it'd be big enough, and by the end of the hat, I just didn't feel like starting over to make a proper band. In fact, I just did a round of slip stitches to be done with it...

So this week, I pulled it back out, dug up the same yarn from my stash, and added a band.

There. Much better. It's slightly slouchy now, though not too slouchy because those things never look right on my head, it covers my ears (and can cover them completely if I pull it down more, because there's room enough at the top to do that now!), and I like the look of it much better than before!

And just in time too, because the weather finally woke up and realised that, oh crap! it's almost February, and a bit of wintery weather was really long overdue. Yesterday, we had snow! Today, we woke up to temperatures well below zero degrees! And lots of bright and cheerful sunshine, so the snow is already gone from all the places that are sheltered from the cold wind. Oh well. I believe we've still got a few days of frosty weather ahead of us, so now I'm prepared!


  1. It even matches your glasses! Awesome. I think ear-covering is a necessity in a winter hat.

    1. It does indeed! Needless to say, this is my favourite colour. And warm ears is absolutely a necessity. I used to have no problem keeping my ears warm whenever I went outside, because most of those times I had my headphones on and big headphones means toasty ears!

  2. The band makes a big difference! I loved it without, love it EVEN MORE with it!

  3. The hat looks bril with the band added, perfect match with the glasses! Speaking of covering ears - it's getting Cold here in Belgium as well and I've actually bought myself some oldfashioned earwarmers, covered in fairisle knit and everything. For a moment I felt six again, but boy am I happy to have them now! Tomorrow we're having -10°C here.
    p.s. your hair colour ROCKS! :D