12 January 2012

This & That: creative ways

This week, I've found myself longing for my hobbies. To take my mind of things. I usually cope with stressful situations in creative ways: I bake, or crawl away in the corner of our couch and crochet. Starting a business on your own when you've only ever worked, let's face it, low-level jobs, is quite scary sometimes. I've found myself in the baking aisle more often while doing groceries. So today I caved and baked cookies during my lunch break. By hand. There's something quite therapeutic about furiously pounding butter and sugar into one glossy, glorious mess with a big wooden spoon.

But apart from that, I've also decided to start working on something quite special for a friend. Can't say much, all I can say is 'yes, that is WoW-related', and 'yes, that does indeed look a lot like a cow'. It's a new project, though, and it's quite special, and I'm quite thrilled to have something like this to go to and relax with when I'm done working. And it gave me a reason to go yarn-shopping soon, yay!

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